Sample prices:

Szczecin <-> Goleniów-Szczecin Airport (SZZ): PLN 179
Szczecin <-> Berlin Tegel (TXL): PLN 390
Szczecin <-> Berlin Schönefeld (SXF): PLN 410
Szczecin <-> Gdańsk Airport (GDN): PLN 950
Szczecin <-> Świnoujście: PLN 320
Szczecin <-> Poznań Airport (POZ): PLN 690
Koszalin <-> Goleniów-Szczecin Airport (SZZ) PLN 400

Car: BMW 5 series

For courses not listed above, the price will be determined on individual basis, over the phone, via the contact form or email.

Parking fees and motorway tolls are included in the prices. We accept payments via credit card in the car.